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Analyze the 5 Virtues of 2018 Jeep Wrangler

Today we are going to analyze the 5 virtues and a defect of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the new generation of the popular American 4×4 and everything it offers us.

Although it has not yet finished arriving, the new generation of the best-known Jeep of all is gradually revealing all the news that it will bring us in the immediate future, since the start of its commercialization is scheduled for this very year 2018. For this reason , if you are one of the possible new buyers, today I bring you the 5 virtues and a defect of the Jeep Wrangler 2018, so that you know everything that it offers us.

It was initially revealed at the end of last year on the occasion of the 2017 Los Angeles Motor Show, although only the first details of the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler and a series of images were released. Later, new details were introduced and additional images were revealed that gave us a preview of the appearance of the interior. The replacement of Jeep Wrangler led headlights are popular by the car owners. Now, although we do not know even the smallest of its details, we are going to analyze the strengths of the new generation of the Jeep 4×4.

2018 Jeep jl headlights

Often, when we talk about authentic 4x4s, we notice the few models that are currently on the market, such as the Mitsubishi Montero, the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Mercedes G-Class. Among them we also find the new Jeep Wrangler, which, together with the already extinct Land Rover Defender, is considered one of the few original SUVs still on the market.
off road capability

And, as a self-respecting off-roader, one of the virtues that characterize the 2018 Wrangler is its off-road capabilities. These are measured through the angle of attack, 44 degrees (previously 42.2); the exit one, 37 degrees (before 32.3), and the ventral one, 27.8 degrees (before 25.8), while the ground clearance is 27.4 centimeters (before 26.2) and the maximum wading depth is maintained with respect to its predecessor at 76.2 cm. Why not buy led lights for Jeep Wrangler if you are not satisfied with the stock halogen lights?

Among the improvements that engineers have applied to the new generation of the Jeep Wrangler with respect to its predecessor, is a weight reduction of up to 90 kilograms. This has been possible thanks to the measures taken in its design, as well as the use of aluminum in many panels, such as the doors, the roof or the windshield frame. This leads us to highlight the versatility of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler as a virtue, as the roof and C-pillar, along with the doors and all windows, can be removed from the bodywork without compromising structural integrity. This makes it easy to clean the interior and have a more adventurous look.

At the moment the engines with which the new Jeep Wrangler will arrive in Spain are unknown, but in its native country, the United States, it will be offered with two gasoline engines, a 2.0 with a twin-entry turbocharger and 270 hp and a V6 3.6-liter with 260 hp, as well as a 3.0-liter diesel with 260 hp. It will also be available with a six-speed manual transmission and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

One of the most important advances that the new Wrangler has presented is found in the equipment, which makes it an improvement. In the instrument panel we now find a 3.5 or 7-inch screen, while the multimedia system is presented with another touch screen integrated into the dashboard that can be 5, 7 or 8.4 inches depending on the level of finish. In the previous generation, the design was much more austere and limited, something in which Jeep has taken a big step forward.
a difficult market

The main fault of the Jeep Wrangler is found in a difficult market, difficult for several reasons. In the first place, due to fierce competition such as that of SUVs, as well as a series of regulations that limit the use of off-road SUVs. In addition, its powerful mechanics condition aspects such as emissions or fuel consumption, details that can mean that many buyers end up not opting for the Wrangler.