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Jeep is Preparing Many Supprises for Its 80th Anniversary

The famous American off-road brand has planned to celebrate its 80th anniversary in style in 2021. Throughout the next year, events celebrating the manufacturer’s glory will take place around the world, while many series limited “80th Anniversary” based on the brand’s latest models are expected.

The Jeep legend began in 1941 with the manufacture of an all-terrain utility vehicle dedicated to the American army, the Willys. Many iconic models have since marked the history of the brand, which will have mainly manufactured off-road vehicles during its 80 years of existence. Among the most important models, we note the 1949 Willys Wagon, which the brand considers, somewhat pompously, as the true ancestor of the “Sport Utility Vehicle” (SUV). True myths followed, such as the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee, not forgetting the iconic Wrangler. This rustic off-roader, always very comfortable off the beaten track, represents for some the last true Jeep, respecting the original spirit of the brand. The latter has also been able to adapt to its time with the development of plug-in hybrid models such as the Renegade 4xe which can upgrade with Jeep Renegade led headlights and Compass 4xe or more recently with the Wrangler 4xe.

Jeep leaves us on our hunger because in addition to the announcement of many limited series, the American manufacturer remains very vague on the precise date of marketing of these models, which may vary within each market. The brand only indicates that these “Jeep 80th Anniversary” special editions will land in European dealerships between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. One thing is certain, these famous limited series will stand out from the rest of the house production with exclusive seats, games specific rims, as well as commemorative badges. Adapted to the modern world, these vehicles will be equipped with the latest technological developments available and most likely, the manufacturer’s new plug-in hybrid powertrains.

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