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KTM gets Gas Gas A Joint Venture for Technology Exchange

If all goes well, Gas Gas will soon be the third brand after Husqvarna under KTM’s reign. Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, is teaming up with Black Toro Capital (BTC), owners of Spanish motorcycle brand Gas Gas, in a joint venture for technology sharing and the development of new motorcycle models.

BTC also controls the electric vehicle brand Torrot, which provides the ÖAMTC’s e-scooter sharing fleet in Vienna and Graz. KTM announced that the cooperation with Gas Gas, in addition to the further development of trials bikes and enduros, will also result in completely new models.

The Spaniards’ expertise has always been in the trial segment. There, nobody can fool the wild guys from the area around Barcelona. Although KTM also approached the topic with the freeride models, the beneficiary in this context is clearly the giant from Austria.

The situation is different when it comes to electronics and assistance systems. KTM is a pioneer here and Gas Gas can certainly help. The same applies to modern two-stroke engines with electronic injection, such as the KTM 300 EXC TPI. Upgrade your KTM moto with our KTM exc led headlight is very easy, because the headlight is plug and play within 15 minutes.

One aspect that you might not think of at first when you think of the off-road icons Gas Gas and KTM may have been a decisive factor in this joint venture. Black Toro Capital, the owner of Gas Gas, also owns the Torrot brand. Since 2011, this company has been producing a wide range of electrically powered, (mostly) single-track mobility devices. Now that KTM has covered all areas of motorcycling, from the Erzberg to the Dakar to the Supermoto and since 2016 to the MotoGP, and the road bikes are clearly overshadowing the competition bikes in terms of production figures, it may be time for the oranges to move to urban areas conquer.

In other words: We imagine a KTM E-Pony. Completely crazy or soon reality? At a time when more and more people are living in cities, the approach to dealing with inner-city mobility is quite understandable. Torrot’s know-how is certainly an important support for developments in this direction. In any case, we will stay tuned and will report if e-moped Erlkönigs are sighted near Mattighofen or in the Spanish hill country.
Joint development in the field of children’s moto cross?

Both Gas Gas and KTM offer motocross bikes for our little ones. Here, too, the trend is clearly towards electric drives. It is good to see that development does not stop here and that the next generation is infected with the motorcycling “virus”.
Location rescue and dear money

From Salt (Gerona), Spain to Mattighofen, Austria, the cloak of silence is wrapped about the amount of the investment. In addition, the deal still has to be approved by the antitrust authorities. For the more than 350 employees in Gerona, where the Gas Gas factory is located, it is good news that suddenly hits them and us here, after all the financial situation of the Spanish manufacturer has been quite tense over the past few years. Not least for this reason, we can only wish this project the greatest possible success.

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