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The Auxiliary Lights in Europe

First of all, a little bit about the legal situation in Germany regarding auxiliary lights. Information provided without guarantee! 

The off-road and travel magazine “Matsch & Piste” deals extensively with the legal requirements and regulations regarding vehicle lighting. 

If you want to mount auxiliary lights on the vehicle, there are basically 2 options: as a spotlight or as a worklight. 

Spotlights require an ECE identifier and should be mounted in pairs. As many as 4 pieces towards the vehicle. Additional high beam headlamps will be switched using the vehicle’s standard high beam and all sorts of shall illuminate and extinguish simultaneously. Additionally, an electrical-on control is needed.

So if you install additional high-beam headlamps according to the legal regulations, they may also be used within the scope of the StVO. 

Worklights don’t require an ECE identifier. They may be mounted possible points from the vehicle and usually are meant to allow dealing with and round the vehicle. Such work lights should not be switched within the regular vehicle lighting and for that reason require an additional switch.

Work lights may not be used within the scope of StVO, turning on public roads is therefore prohibited. We provide ce approved jeep wrangler led headlights for worldwide shipping.

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