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The Hummer is More Beast than Ever

Here it seems that we never talk about a new car (or a classic vehicle) or, suddenly, everything is new. Of course, current affairs rule! Well, after having told you things about Mercedes’ possible plans to rival Hummer in the luxury plug-in market, the truth is that, after so many electric cars, we have fallen in love with the usual Hummer again… more beast than ever as Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R.

A Mercedes G-Class to rival Hummer?

This brutal SUV has a convoluted name, but you really don’t need to memorize it. Not even driving it (and look, we like those things) to start enjoying it. Just take a look at it, escape from everyday problems, not think for a while about parking spaces, ride comfort, safety or consumption. And revel in its appearance. No more no less.

Mil-Spec Automotive has recreated a spectacular Hummer H1 from the base of the ‘classic’ Humvee, remember the Hummer h2 led headlights with halo, very impressived, with a result in which the best of both worlds come together, from the toughness and sobriety of the then with the latest advances in technology, efficiency and safety that the world of new cars has known until today.

On the outside, the Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R sports a version of the racing yellow that was offered on the H1 in its day. Front and rear LED lights are standard, although it has been ‘primed’ with auxiliary lighting, tubular accessories, winches, 20-inch Black Rhino wheels with all-terrain tires, stainless steel exterior parts, hood vents…

Inside, plastics reduced to a bare minimum and instead neo-retro elements for ‘tough guys’ at the wheel and lots of electronics, including an electronic gear indicator, an electric parking brake, dual-zone climate control, a state-of-the-art stereo…

Under the hood, a 6.6-litre Duramax turbocharged V8 diesel engine, rated at ‘just’ 500bhp and 1,356Nm… if that’s ‘enough’ for you. But? Don’t worry, you can order another one with 800 hp and 1,627 Nm!, also associated with an Allison 1000 T6 automatic transmission. The long travel racing suspension is Rod Hall type.

Now comes the bad part, the price. If you have between 253,000 and 350,000 euros, I don’t know what you’re still doing here: get in touch with this preparer from Michigan (USA), because life is very short. And if not, say that you’re a little lazy, because your idea was a “more discreet” Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche (if I manage to get serious and not laugh, it’s a trick I do a lot) and, like the most mortals, enjoy the photos!

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