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Would You Choose Toyota Tacoma or Ford F-150

On this side of the pond they are not available, something normal considering that the pick-up segment is still not so popular, but in the United States Toyota Tacoma and Ford F-150 are two benchmarks of their kind. If you were to travel there, which of the two would you choose?

Logically, to consider choosing one of these two models, your goal would have to be to get yourself a mass prepared for practically everything they throw at it, they are all-terrain vehicles and are prepared to withstand even the toughest working conditions.

That they are vehicles for eminently labor use does not mean that they are attractive. Both have a strong appearance, something to which their size also contributes, they show muscle without shame and have careful proportions. Each has its own tricks to stand out: an inverted diamond grille and hood vent for the Toyota and a heavy chrome presence for the Ford.

The Toyota Tacoma is available in six trim levels that, beyond adding or removing equipment, vary in capacity on and off the track. To keep safe in bad weather, choose 2nd gen Tacoma fog lights to upgrade is helpful. From the simplest version, a range of options is opened that includes off-road tires, all-wheel drive, low-speed driving control and rear differential with electronic locking among other elements.

The Ford F-150 is not far behind either. It is offered in three different bodies: Regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew; with three lengths for the cargo box, with two automatic gearboxes (one with six relationships and the other with 10), with front or integral wheel drive and with six engines that include diesel and gasoline alternatives.

This is a point clearly in favor of the American model, a point with names and surnames: Ford F-150 Raptor. Its aesthetics are even more brutal than in the conventional model, something that is only a mirror of its 450 hp and 692 Nm V6 biturbo mechanics with which it manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds.

Both Toyota and Ford offer significant discounts for both models, which leaves them with a fairly competitive price and even with each other. It is the Japanese that starts from a lower figure, costing from $ 25,550, while the American starts at $ 27,705.

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